The Correct Way to Keep a Food Dairy in Order to Lose Weight
If you have kept a food diary in the past then you have probably done so because you were on a diet. This is good but it does not allow you to discover what works for you. Food diaries are best used when you want to lose weight but do not want to diet and that is what this method will teach you.

Parkinson’s Disease Patient’s Story Goes Multimedia, Proceeds to Benefit PD Research
He Volunteered for Experimental Brain Surgery. Now, a Parkinson's Patient Agrees to Donate His Book About His Experience to Further the Search for a Cure and Better Treatments for PD.

Benefits of Journal Writing Skill
The benefits of journal writing are fairly well established due to the long history of journal writing. From Anne Frank to Di Vinci, journal writing has proven itself.

What is The Importance of Using a Food Diary, When Losing Weight?
When you’re trying to lose weight, one of the first things you need to do is make sure you understand what types of food are good for you. Even though you will still be able to eat many things like you normally do you need to realize that you need to change the way you eat them. One example is that you need to change the portion size. You also have to learn how foods interact with each other and how they can help to cancel each other out.

The Importance of a Forex Trade Personal Journal
Many newcomers to Forex trading online study some books and courses, and then plunge into active trading. Of course, most people would advise paper trading first on a live Forex account, and this may well be part of your preparation before trading for money. When you start you may think that you will remember and learn from your trading experiences, but you will find that soon the trades become blurred into one another You really won't remember whether it was the MACD or the RSI which signaled overbought when you traded on the SMA5 and SMA6 crossover, and yes, becoming familiar with this traders' jargon is just one of the aspects you will learn.

Where can you find Journal Writing Topics?
The biggest obstacle when writing is writer's block. Sometimes when we sit down to write, our minds go blank. Not only do we not know what to write specifically, we don't even know how to start. This is a very common occurrence. There is no need to worry that you lack 'the writing skill', just because you fall into a rut. Most writers do get writer's block once and a while.

LifeJournal Offers Webinars about Journal Writing, a Tool to Reduce Stress in Difficult Times
Ruth Folit, president of Chronicles Software Company, announced the journal software company is offering a series of online webinars for those who want to learn about journal writing and for those who want to learn how to use the journal program LifeJournal. With the global economy in a tailspin, and consequently people feeling very stressed, journal writing is a particularly valuable tool for maintaining equilibrium in uncertain times. Chronicles Software Company is dedicated to educating people about journal writing.

The Promotional Diary: A Gift With History
Everyone knows that the diary itself has been around for a very long time Had it not, such legends as Nostradamus would not have written down their revolutionary thoughts and ideas

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